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Friday, January 17, 2014

Wally's World (The Wally and Ray Show)

Boeing CEO Wally J. McNerney

Obviously, Wally J. McNerney's world is one of arrogance, greed and a strong feeling of disdain for the Boeing workforce.  Of course, he is not alone - many corporate executives feel and act much the same - doing all they can, not so much for their stockholders as for themselves; to accumulate wealth and live the "high life" at the expense of their stockholders and the very workers who have enabled them gain those beloved material treasures. These folks rise to the top of their corporation much like the scum rising to the surface of an open cesspool. To me, these types of greedy individuals are the scum-of-the-earth; disparaging and demotivating people who's labor has made them successful. There are many corporation executives that this description fits to a T.  

Fitting that mold are top Boeing company executives Wally and Ray who have both received massive pay raises and benefits the past several years.  Not only have these two (as well other, too many to count {or need}, Boeing executives) received a tremendous amount of extra pay but most likely their pension and medical plans are intact and will provide an exceptional safety-net for them and their families in future years.  Further proof that the corporate "Good old Boy" network is still in full swing.

Of course, the reason they get those massive raises is because the Boeing labor force, both hourly and salaried, fixed many the f-ups that these not-so-worthy executives caused by outsourcing design and physical work on the 787, including the 787 low-productive, token plant in "right-to-work" South Carolina.  Their reward to the labor force (who have continuously saved their butts) is to discontinue the worker's pension plan as well as decrease medical benefits and minimize future raises. Thank you very much filthy-rich, scummy people!  By the way, there are many who feel that the 787 problems are still a work in progress.
Of course, there is the well publicized, "massive $10,000 signing bonus" but that represents less than two years of pension payments for those before the cut-off date or new-hires who won't even be getting the bonus!  Most of the union members getting the signing bonus will still get pensions. The new-hires will be getting what is commonly known as the "Bone-us".  A thing that Wally and Ray (and the board of trustees) seem to enjoy doing to the Boeing workforce.  

As we all know, these scum guys have used area job leverage to manipulate the state government to provide Boeing an essentially "Tax-free" environment and, as mentioned, eliminate the employee pension plan and reduce other benefits which has the desired effect of reducing the effectiveness of unions - a plan the GOP has supported for many years.  Having a "right-to-work" state is uppermost on the GOP's and Wally's World's lists but, in reality, a right-to-work state doesn't mean you can always get work as implied, it really means a "right to work for whatever they want to pay you state".  During these times, while you are trying to make ends meet and provide for your family as your hard-earned benefits are slowly disappearing, keep that in mind the next time you vote.

Yes, it's true - the union majority essentially voted to save their own jobs, with the side benefit of increasing other work in the area, which is commendable. However, the summary of this latest, demeaning of the Boeing workforce event is the enhancement of the ever increasing income disparity between the wealthy and everyone else.  The main problem is, of course, is that there is not much we can do about it since both our state and federal governments seems to support, and many times take part in, said disparity.  Most members of congress and the senate are millionaires with very secure retirement benefits so it's, "What, me worry?  I think not..." 

Sadly, you can bet that our representatives,both state and federal, won't say much about this part of the conversation, only that "the union workforce made the decision to save jobs" - which, of course, is true but far from the complete story.